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Units 11-12a Isle of Man Freeport, Ballasalla

A July Update

Here  we are in July already with the first half of 2020 gone – and what a half it was! The year started fairly normal for Manx Precision Optics and we exhibited at W3+ in Wetzlar / Germany in February as planned. However, the first warning signs were already clearly visible and only a few weeks after W3+ the Isle of Man was in lockdown.

Here at MPO we quickly adapted to the changing situation and soon all of the MPO team who could work from home were doing so. Production was more difficult to adapt however through a fantastic team effort parts of the production were re-arranged to ensure that social distancing could be adhered to. In optics production, you wash your hands very regularly anyway to avoid cross-contamination of different grit sizes, but COVID-19 certainly increased the level of handwashing and dis-infecting.

As we adapted to the situation regular conference calls replaced the daily chats and discussions in the office and we got used to seeing each other in our kitchens , living rooms and home offices over Zoom. We even had the odd cat walking over the computer keyboard during calls  – just for the avoidance of doubt, Ernst Stavro Blofeld does not work at MPO!

Fortunately, all members of the MPO team and their families got through the pandemic well and whilst there are still strict travel restrictions for on and off-Island travel in place, everything else is almost back to normal. Very fortunately we have not had any new COVID-19 cases for over 40 days, with the last Covid-19 patient discharged from the hospital several weeks ago.

The 6th July marks the Isle of Man’s National Holiday – Tynwald Day, which unfortunately had to be more a low key event this year. The famous TT Races and Manx Festival of Motorcycling were also cancelled, but we hope the events will return stronger than ever next year.

Being well into the summer now (although it doesn’t feel like it) and with things back to normal, MPO is catching up on its expansion plans with a new mezzanine floor currently being built. Among other things, this will also house our brand new research lab allowing us to develop our optics capabilities. The remainder of 2020 will be an exciting time for MPO as we are looking to launch a range of new products. Please regularly visit our new website (launched in June) which will be continuously updated with all our exciting developments.

Until the next update, and we all hope you have a good summer and stay safe and healthy wherever you are!