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Units 11-12a Isle of Man Freeport, Ballasalla

Manx Precision Optics continue to expand

Since our founding in 2013 we’ve significantly grown both our client base range of optics, and equipment. To facilitate this we’ve had had to expand incrementally, with our initial one unit setup at unit 11 quickly expanding into our 3 unit <7000sq foot site we have today.

Our last major expansion was in 2018 where an additional mezzanine level was installed in unit 12a in order to create space for our 1.35m chamber with E-beam and IAD capability. Since then we’ve further expanded our equipment with a 72” pitch polishing machine which arrived in November 2019 which alongside our coating machine has allowed to manufacture optics up to 500mm in diameter from scratch.

Further to this it has become necessary to again increase space at our manufacturing facility to cope with increased demand, particularly that of large and high LDT optics.

Our expansion will  consist of reorganisation our coating chambers closer together in order to better facilitate transition between substrate and optics and more efficiently deal with large bulk orders. As well as this we’re adding a new mezzanine floor above unit 11 doubling the space in the unit and allowing more flexibility in the arrangement of our substrate manufacturing equipment.

By adding additional space as well as organising our coating chambers more effectively Manx Precision Optics aims to improve the efficiency of our operation whilst to continue to manufacture high quality precision optics.

When work gets underway we’ll be updating our blog with updates so keep checking back to find out all the latest MPO updates.