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Units 11-12a Isle of Man Freeport, Ballasalla

Our Team

Our team are all highly trained and experienced when it comes to working with optics. We take pride in our work and hold ourselves to the highest standards. All seniors employees have over 20 years experience in the optics industry meaning we have a wealth of expertise and knowledge to draw on.
Dr Helmut Kessler
Co-Founder/Managing Director

Dr of Physics and specialised in Optical Coatings his whole career. Has been working on the Isle of Man since 1995 at Technical Optics and then founded MPO. Known for his knowledge of coating and specialisation in High Laser Damage and Ultrafast design.

Jeanette Kessler
Co-Founder/Director of Finance

Chartered Certified Accountant with vocational legal training, Jeanette has over 30 years of experience in finance.  Serving as the IOM Financial Crime Unit’s Forensic Accountant, Deputy Assessor of Income Tax and as a Government Internal Auditor over 19 years, representing the IOM Government at international level.

Chris Bridle
Large Optic & Key Account Manager

Chris has over 32 years experience in optics and has a wealth of experience in both the manufacturing and sales side of optical components. Chris is a specialist in coating, design, technology and manufacturing.

Andy Collister
Polishing Manager

Andy has specialised in Optical polishing since 1989. A key member of our team, Andy is an expert in large optics and achieving flatness after coating.

Nick Pearson
Sales and Operational Planning Manager

Nick has over 12 years experience in all aspects of optical sales. Having spent the last six years with MPO focusing on internal sales, Nick has an in depth knowledge of our product catalogue.