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Units 11-12a Isle of Man Freeport, Ballasalla


Partner with Manx Precision Optics (MPO) and experience the difference that exceptional optics can make to your laser system.

Unlock the full potential of your laser and achieve groundbreaking results.
When it comes to sourcing optics for high-energy laser research, establishments around the world trust MPO for the following reasons.


We have world-wide recognition for our large planar and polarisation optics

We specialise in producing high-precision planar optics, including flat optics up to 500mm in diameter and spherical/aspherical optics up to 300mm in diameter. Our expertise extends to crafting polarisation optics as well.


Whilst we have a range of standard designs, the majority of customers require a dedicated custom solution. We commit to providing customers with the optics they need, whether this is modification to en existing design or a uniquely developed optical component.


In addition to products meeting exacting specifications, product reliability is critical.

Products with long product lifetimes mean that high-energy laser system users can rely on the results of their laser-based research, safe in the knowledge that the optical components at their heart won’t fail them. They also know that their research budgets have been invested in products that will last. Our optics are characterised by:

  • Exceptional high laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) Coatings: Our optics are characterised by high LIDT coatings, ensuring they can withstand even the most intense laser beams without degradation.
  • Unparalleled Flatness: Our meticulous manufacturing processes result in optics with an exceptional degree of flatness, enabling optimal performance and minimal distortion.


The whole process, from design, through fabrication, coating, test and despatch occurs at our facility on the Isle of Man. This means we can control the entire fabrication process.

Using the most accurate and precise metrology systems allows us to guarantee the quality and consistency of the optics we supply.

Production under one roof means that orders can be expedited efficiently.

We can readily guarantee quality, and should any issues arise with a customer order, we can rapidly source the origin of the problem and respond quickly to find an effective solution.

With a reduced number of suppliers in the supply chain, we are able to provide our customers with full and easy to manage traceability.


Our purpose is to innovate and manufacture optics to enable the advance of high-energy laser technology. To this end, we consider our customers as partners and proactively work with them to develop our manufacturing technology, equipment and techniques to be able to supply the optics for most demanding applications.

We are driven by a commitment to innovation and research:

  • At MPO we continuously push the boundaries of optical coating performance and laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT).
  • Exceptional surface flatness and finish quality: we have established a reputation for the exceptional surface flatness and finish quality of its optics, achieving surface roughness down to around 2Å.
  • Continuous improvement: MPO is dedicated to continuous improvement, actively pursuing further reductions in surface roughness to meet the evolving demands of advanced laser systems.
  • Culture of innovation: MPO fosters a culture of innovation, embracing challenges as opportunities to find groundbreaking solutions for its global clientele.


It’s a fact that between us, we have many decades of experience in optical manufacturing. We know how to design, fabricate, coat and use metrology systems to deliver world-class optics.

We have a wealth of knowledge of laser applications and can advise customers on the products they need. Often this means advising a less expensive solution than the customer originally thought.


We understand the restrictions of laser systems development budgets. We are committed to providing reasonable priced high quality products with low product lifetime costs.