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Units 11-12a Isle of Man Freeport, Ballasalla


LARGE OPTICS for high-energy lasers

MPO specialises in large optics for high-energy laser systems, supplying laser laboratories in Asia, Europe and North America. We fabricate ultra flat high LIDT spherical and planar optics up to 500mm in diameter (or rectangular shapes fitting that footprint).
The intensity of the beam in the highest power laser systems means that large optics are the most practical means of ensuring the optics used do not suffer damage and accuracy and consistency of transmissivity and reflectivity can be assured.
Ensure minimal laser damage with MPO high-performance large optics. As laser power scales, so do the challenges of optical damage. Our large optics provide exceptional beam handling and minimal distortion, even in the most demanding high-energy systems.
At MPO we grind and polish our optics to ensure high specification low surface profiles. We are renowned for our exceptionally high laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) coatings. We follow a pre-coating compensatory polishing process to maintain exceptional flatness even after high-performance LIDT coatings are applied.


  • High laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT): ensuring that the expanded beams of high-energy lasers do not damage the optic.
  • Low surface damage, allowing for a high degree of control over the mid-spatial frequencies (MSF)
  • Minimal coating-induced stress from maximum after coating flatness.
  • Sizes: up to 500mm (or rectangular shapes fitting that footprint)