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Units 11-12a Isle of Man Freeport, Ballasalla


Quality Assurance and quality control

Care, attention and diligence is required at every stage of manufacture, from the correct substrate material and grade, the grinding process and polishing process in addition to the materials used- all have an impact.

It’s our understanding of every aspect that we take care of to ensure the best product. Not only do we take care however, but we use the most up-to date and accurate measurement equipment at each of these stages. Optics don’t move on to the next stage of fabrication unless they meet the required standards. Finally, every part is 100% visually inspected before it leaves our manufacturing facility.

We despatch standard optics with a certificate of specification conformity. Custom optics are sent to customers with fully detailed QA reports including a certificate of conformity and a spectral report, material certification, actual versus theoretical performance, defect maps, angular spectral reports and interferograms.

We are fully ISO 9001:2015 certified.