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Units 11-12a Isle of Man Freeport, Ballasalla



Polishing /Assembly

Our team of polishers have decades of experience between them. Combining this with state of the art equipment allows us to offer the following services:

  • Laser optics up to 500mm diameter
  • Flat and spherical substrates
  • Matched wedges for ultrafast beam control
  • Optically contacted high LIDT cube polarizers up to 3” cube size
  • Solid, VIPA and Air Spaced Etalons

Coating Capabilities

At MPO we coat the substrates we manufacture, allowing us control over the entire manufacturing process. We can offer the following in regards to optical coatings:

  • Electron-beam evaporated coatings
  • Sputtered coatings
  • Optical coatings from 190nm to 2500nm
  • Dielectric and Metal coatings
  • Coated substrate sizes up to 500mm diameter/500×340
  • Coatings for ultrafast applications supplied with GDD curve
Coated 6 copy

Technical Specifications

We manufacture optics to the following specifications: 

  • Flatness λ/20 (For etalons up to λ/100): Better than 10-5 Scratch-dig laser grade or ISO equivalent.
  • Diameter tolerances: catalogue +0/-0.25mm, tighter tolerances possible: Thickness tolerance catalogue standard +/- 0.25mm, tighter tolerances possible.


We are always looking to work with our customers to get the specifications tailored to suit. If you are looking for optics outside of these specifications, please do not hesitate to contact us