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Units 11-12a Isle of Man Freeport, Ballasalla

Welcome to the MPO blog!

Welcome to the launch of our new website and our first blog post! We are Manx Precision Optics (MPO) and we’ll be using this blog to showcase our development as a business as we continue to expand, as well as this we’ll providing insights and commentary on some of the optics industries most important topics.

We welcome you to our blog and hope you find our future content useful, informative and, most importantly, INTERESTING!

Why did we start a blog?

The original idea for the blog comes from our nature as a business. Since 2013 we’ve be consistently expanding as a business taking on new staff, new equipment and new clients. We continue to have many exciting developments as we take the business forward and we’d like to start sharing our exciting journey more with you.

Whether you’re currently a customer, a prospective one or just passing through we feel its important to understand the inner workings of our company and see how we do things , which may help you when operating in our exciting optics industry.

We also feel with our teams vast experience in the optics industry the MPO blog would be great place to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the industry and offer an experienced perspective on it. Our vast insight means we can offer our opinion and analysis on the latest developments, With this we can facilitate a discussion within our industry and learn from each other.

Craftsmanship. Quality. Service.

The craftsmanship and quality of our optics speak for themselves, our customers can identify the skill and effort that Manx Precision Optics put into the manufacturing process. Our service follows this, we aim to be the best we can be and we believe part of that is keeping you informed about MPO and the wider optics community.

Future Content

So what can you expect going forward? Well, as some of you know already, we are going to expand the MPO manufacturing facility adding an additional mezzanine floor and re-jigging some departments for a more optimised workflow while we are adding to our current machinery. We’ll be documenting this process as it unfolds so you can follow our journey in (almost) real time!

As mentioned before we’ll look to provide some insight into relevant topics, having an depth look at some of the facets of the optics industry and getting some of our experts to share their view and hopefully provide some valuable insight.

Furthermore once trade show start up again, we’ll be detailing our attendance which can also be found in the upcoming events section of our website as well as blogging about our experience and post trade show thoughts.

Thank you for reading please check out the rest of our website and follow our social media pages to keep updated.